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I discovered i contain emotions and other forces in my body and being. Unaddressed dynamics. They want to be consumed and integrated. They desire existence. Through me. This is how i became a poetic alchemist.



My works emerge intuitively. Nothing is designed, directed or composed. I plant seeds on paper and herd them into microcosmic gardens. They reveal unseen forces. Fertile microcosmic movements. From within and without.

'We are microcosmic eruptions.'


Life responds to itself. In chaos and patterns. It is ever expanding and contracting, demonstrating intricate cyclic principles, in nature and the vast skies. Our molecules are galaxies. Our emotions are galactic forces, and so are our movements and encounters (human and non-human).



I use brush, crayon and pencil aquarel on paper. I deeply enjoy my body when i'm drawing: the sensory tenderness; the extended focus; the enchantment of the colours and movements.


2022 Exhibition 'We Come From Hidden Places', Eindhoven


1978 me, Horst aan de Maas

1986 classical ballet, Horst aan de Maas

1988 synchronized swimming, Horst aan de Maas

2001 bachelor degree, art school St. Joost, Breda

2003 student preperation year for theatre schools, Eindhoven

2004 student philosophy, Radboud university, Nijmegen

2005 group-exhibition 'Blootgegeven', TAC, Eindhoven

2009 teacher 'dynamics of the visual form' and 'material and arts', Chongqing (China)

2011 yoga, Eindhoven

2013 teacher bodyfulness, Eindhoven

2013 zen meditation, Eindhoven/ Steyl

2016 burn out, All Over The Place

2017 authentic movement, Eindhoven

2019 colour paintings, Eindhoven

2019 voice liberation, Eindhoven

2021 member of intuitive choir 'Untamed Voices', Eindhoven

2021 poetic alchemist, Instagram
2022 'Galactic Gardening', The Internet

Kim Hoeijmakers

painter - performer - poetic alchemist

Navigating between borders and spaces, bodies and forces, the tangible and the intangible. Sailing the ballistic desires of existence.




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